SkyTender Finance GmbH


The SkyTender is a unique, highly innovative, intelligent and patented beverage trolley that sets new standards in the softdrink catering of the commercial aviation industry. The SkyTender produces at the touch of a button fully automatically various hot and cold beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, soft and mixed drinks by mixing concentrates, water and CO2. This revolutionary post mix system makes the use of beverage cans, bottles, cartons, pots and coffee machines on passenger flights almost superfluous. The SkyTender allows a higher quality of service in a shorter service life. The costs of the softdrink catering are reduced significantly along the entire process chain. The SkyTender has the standard dimensions of a conventional beverage trolley and thus can be used in every major aircraft type.

Alongside the aviation industry the SkyTender can also be used in all areas of mobile catering such as in trains, hospitals, fairs and on other events.

SkyTender Finance GmbH is the exclusive rental company for the SkyTender and the associated equipment within the SkyTender Group. SkyTender Finance GmbH offers worldwide tailor-made rental models, including a full service package, to airlines, caterers and all potential customers from other industries. The solutions of SkyTender Finance allow significant benefits to its customers. They preserve liquidity, streamline the balance sheet and lead to both flexibility and innovation effects.

SkyTender Finance GmbH is affiliated with SkyTender Solutions GmbH under corporate law.